We don’t just make tortillas. We also want people experience Maíz at different levels. Moneda was built on the belief that maíz should be known because of its history and we carry that belief into everything we do.

A workshop can help to understand a lot of things..

Welcome to Oaxaca!

What is nixtamal? Does your tortilla are healthy? Haven’t you thought about where is the oldest place of maíz record? Do you know what does teocintle means?.

That’s the main reason for our workshop to exist, because it’s important, it will give you the tools for understanding from the basics of what is maíz and why it is very important in our cultural society and also how it has helped to develop not only the way we eat but the way we live!

Discover Our Route!

The route is divided in three different ways of experience maíz a basic one, a more complex experience and a complete workshop including a dining experience and getting your hands dirty, met maíz from all different angles.

Sample Route


Tortilla Workshop  
Understand nixtamal and how to make tortillas.
$33.00 usd


Scouting the land of maíz + Tortilla workshop
Travel to a secure prehispanic complex we will visit 2 sites (transportation and tickets included) plus the tortilla workshop. ( 2 days experience + breakfast included )
$99.00 usd


Scouting the land of maíz + Tortilla Workshop + Dinning Experience
Travel to a secure prehispanic complex we will visit 2 sites (transportation and tickets included) plus the tortilla workshop and a dinner all included in a secret milpa location. ( 3 days experience + breakfast included )
$169.00 usd

Book Your Place.

To book a place, call us (55) 66–724502 or use the form below.


Please feel free to ask anything about our Workshops or doubts about our menu, we can give you information about how can we arrange your visit book a reservation with us a find great deals in hotels and other great places in downtown Oaxaca, for international or national shippings please send us a direct E-Mail. 

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Open Hours

TueSun: 08:00 hrs – 16:00 hrs.
Mon: Workshops ( Request Reservation )


(55) 66- 724502

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