Interested in local gastronomic development, we also encourage the consumption of Organic corn, the highest quality tortilla and first-rate street food in Oaxaca México.


Welcome to Tortillería Moneda, located in the heart of downtown Oaxaca México. Interested in the local gastronomic development, we encourage the consumption of local organic corn, the highest quality tortilla and first-rate street food.


Choose the right type of tortilla.


A maíz Odyssey.


Tetela de haba con chicharron.


Taco de tuétano con nopal y aguacate.

“Sowing, cultivating and harvesting the corn form a repeating circle, and the corn has to die for its seeds to grow”.

“Just let it be found, just let it be discovered,
say it, our ear is listening,
may you talk, may you speak,
just find the wood for the carving
and sculpting
by the builder, sculptor.
Is this to be the provider, the nurturer
when it comes to the planting, the dawning?
You corn kernels, you coral seeds,
you days, you lots:
may you succeed, may you be accurate,”

This was when there was just a trace of early dawn on the face of the earth, there was no sun. But there was one who magnified himself; Seven Macaw is his name. The sky-earth was already there, but the face of the sun-moon was clouded over. Even so, it is said that his light provided a sign for the people who were flooded. He was like a person of genius in his being.

“I am great. My place is now higher than that of the human work, the human design. I am their sun and I am their light, and I am also their months.

“So be it: my light is great. I am the walkway and I am the foothold of the people, because my eyes are of metal. My teeth just glitter with jewels, and turquoise as well; they stand out blue with stones like the face of the sky.

Popol vuh

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